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Terms of Payment

To be convenient to your payment, we have offered various means of payment for your choice. Please fax your receipt to our company after payment by bank transfer for our reference.

1. 『 T/T or Bank Transfer 』
Welcome to use bank transfer and please transfer to the following account numbers:

Liaoning Branch, Bank of China
Account No.: 6225 8841 1525 3323
Account Name: Liu Boying

Agricultural Bank of China
Account No.: 95599 8056 00553 81613
Account Name: Cheng Hongwei

China Merchants Bank
Account No.: 622 580 411 024 6775
Account Name: Cheng Hongwei

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Account No.: 3400 0043 0100 2399 034
Account Name: Liu Boying

China Construction Bank
Account No.: 0782 1399 8010 0676 774
Account Name: Liu Boying

2. 『 Cheque for Transfer 』

Welcome to use cheque for transfer, and please clearly identify the payee.
Payee: DaLian LIYADA Translation CO., LTD.

3. 『 Charge-to-door 』

  Our charge-to-door service is available from Monday to Saturday. If you would like to select this means of payment, we will confirm with you one day in advance and we will send exclusive staff to pick up the payment to your door. Please ask for the receipt from the staff.

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