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Business Scope

Service Fields

IT, medicine, mechanical, law, chemical, telecommunication, petroleum, water conservancy, electronics, agriculture, food, garments, aviation, auto cars, metallurgy, transportation, energy, environmental protection, finance, construction, geology, education, internet, biotechnology

Service languages

English, Dutch, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Mongolian, Turkish, Hungarian, Japanese, Bulgarian, Malaysian, Greece , Korean, Thai, German, Portuguese


Industrial Project:

Large-scale project bidding, product illustration, catalogue manual, installation manual, user's guide, bidding documents, industrial standard and technical specifications, etc

Economics and Trade:

Sales manual, market investigation, corporate constitution, contract, agreement, memo, company profile, product illustration, news briefing, business letter, marketing schedule, layout plan, scientific report, financial analysis, audit report and business scheme, etc.

Law and Regulation:

Law, regulation, regulation of industry administration, proclamation, notice, regulation of corporate management

Culture and Arts:

Work, play, film-dialogue, information industry, application software, game software, learning software, instrument, software and original recording

Personal Document:

Resume, admission application, job application, educational background certificate, academic record, certification document, notarial deed, visa application, corresponding letter, letter of invitation, power of attorney, and international certificate, etc

Business Document:

Business letter, business scheme, scientific report, market investigation, dissertation report and feasibility report, etc.


Business negotiation, friendly communication, all kinds of lectures, large and medium-size conferences, simultaneous interpretation, news briefing, and exhibition

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